I did not find photography...photography found me.

I have many roles...
I am MOMMY to four beautiful children; WIFE to the man of my dreams; DAUGHTER to my best friend; FRIEND to a group of amazing, inspirational women; and SERVANT to my Father.

I have many loves...
- The smell of stargazer lillies
- The taste of ice cream on a hot summer day
- The smallness of a newborn
- Bear hugs and butterfly kisses
- Playing dress up
- Christmas morning excitement
- Cheering on my favorite players
- The sound of the ocean
- Laughter

It is my roles and loves that bring me joy. They inspire and give me purpose. They are MOMENTS I never want to forget. They are the reason photography found me. I was not born with a camera in my hand, my passion for photography grew with every new life experience. I realized with the click of a button I could tell a story and capture that ONE moment to cherish for a lifetime. This is what I want for everyone that I am blessed to serve, to never forget the gift we have been given of TODAY and that EVERY MOMENT is a blessing to hold on to.

Tiny hands and feet, awkward first steps, the energy of a two year old, a toothless grin, the chaos of a family of six (OH, THAT'S ME!), the innocence of a little girl who truly believes she IS a princess, the determination of a boy who wants to be just like his hero when he grows up...the list is endless. Don't miss these opportunities. I would be honored to be there to CAPTURE YOUR MOMENT!